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Here are some of the Projects that are either in place or currently under development:

Site Name Site Function Site Location

Markets a self-paced  course on the How's and How-to's of Web 2.0 based tools. DVD's are immediately available  and Credit card orders can be placed securely on line.



DoWhatISay.info A High Technology Blog  that is e-commerce enabled. It showcases some of the latest ideas and product advances in the Technology Arena.



CheapConnect.Info This site uses the Blog Format to market an Internet Appliance and related peripherals. The New 4G network Clearwire and associated  Products are marketed from this site.



EnhancerShop.com An affiliate marketing Site with offers from mostly Click Bank Affiliate Marketers with various products and services of interest to the general Internet population.



RoadDog.biz A Video production and  distribution company that through its unique marketing strategy, recruits and maintains a bevy of mostly unknown musicians.



AtHomeAssist.Info Site is being developed to provide products, services, and information relating to activity in the home. Areas and concerns in the home include care for the elderly and the infirmed. Security and money saving ideas and services.



CluckyCajun.com Site currently being updated from a retail restaurant to an online store with to-your-door-delivery of online specialties, spices, and beverages.



iranet.mobi This site is being developed for mobile device applications. Most cell phone users will be able to view this site and subscribe to or securely order products and services from their mobile phones using credit cards or Paypal.



m.iranet.mobi This site is being developed for gaining instant access to discount coupon offers as they are announced over local media (e.g. radio, billboards) and proceed to the merchant for redemption,



PersonalSources.com This company, having been in business for several years, is completely reinventing itself. The company has requested our help in this endeavor. Re-visit soon to check its progress.






This site is currently in development. When completed, it will be host to a Restaurant and Food Truck operation and allow remote Order Entry and Payment Options with SMS capabilities.